Attached carports as you would expect from the name are carports that are attached to another building or structure.  In this case the attached carports are mainly attached to the side or front of a home.

Sometimes the attached carports can be attached to a shed or garage which may not be connected to the home.

Attached carports give you more parking spaces that are undercover and protect from the elements from one side.

In regards to this we can do vertical timber decking which can protect your attached carport from another side. If required as well we could also do some vertical decking on the back as well with a door to block of the front of the house to the back of the house. 

This would give your home that added extra protection. This all depends on layout of your home though, which we would discuss with you.

We have a done a lot of jobs which you can view on our jobs page, and you can view more styles of carport from this link as well. 

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Attached Carports