Single Carports can be done as freestanding or they can be attached to the home as seen in the photos below. The attachment can go on the front of the house or it can go on the side of the house. 

This will depend on how the house is designed.

These types of carports are usually done if there is not much area to work with, or your adding an attached single carport to a garage.

There are many reasons as to why you would get a single carport:

  • They offer protection to your car from the sun and rain
  • when the car is not in there you can use the area as an entertaining area
  • offers shade in summer or keeping you out of the rain in winter.
  • Vertical timber decking can be added to close the area in from one side if you want added protection.

If the single carport is not for you please visit our carport page which goes through the other styles of carports you can have built.

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