Tandem Carports or Tandem Garages depending on which word you use is another way in which you can have two slots for your cars at home.

As a lot of homes now are being built with depth rather than width you can use a Tandem Carport to make use of the space.

Conversely if you have the width but want to use that for something else then a Tandem Carport can also be used.

In short it is a way of saving space on your property, and using the space available more efficiently.

Please refer to the photos below for a better idea of what this can look like. There are many different options at your disposal and we can run you through all of them in your FREE QUOTE.

  • The closed Tandem Carport option which provides more protection from the elements and is more secure for your pride and join.
  • There is also the open Tandem Carport which is an option allowing for a roof with side panels. This option allows for more room to be left over without having to build on any additional walls.

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If you would like to see other carport designs please visit this link.

Tandem Carports Adelaide