Metal Pergolas Adelaide

metal Pergola adelaide
What are Metal Pergolas?

Metal Pergolas are another way of saying steel Pergolas or aluminium pergolas, essentially anything but Timber.

Timber is the traditional pergola material used by many builders around Adelaide, but metal or steel is fast becoming a more popular choice moving forward year on year. When treated with Colorbond or other coating materials, it can make the metal lasts for a very long time.

Metal pergolas if coated and maintained properly will not rust and it is easy to maintain, making metal or steel pergolas a stronger choice. A metal pergola is also easier and faster to install as well. If you are looking for a spacious pergola feel then a, metal pergola ticks all the boxes. Especially when Comparing it to timber.

Metal can cover a large space with fewer support structures than other materials. While the metal will costs more up-front than timber, it won’t need as much maintenance or replacement over time.

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